Repeat Orders Vehicles Tab

The [ Vehicles ] screen allows users to maintain a record of how much delivery vehicles are costing to run. If more than one vehicle record has been created, other vehicles can be displayed by selecting them from the drop down menu.

The [ Vehicles ] screen consists of the following areas:

  • Vehicle Selection: at the top of the tab allows users to select vehicles from a drop down list and filter by date.
  • Vehicle Information: displays the information per vehicle based on the information entered in the lower grids.
  • Information Pane: shows the costing per vehicle selected.
  • Vehicle Fuel Grid: record the dates and fuel purchased.
  • Vehicle KM Grid: record the KM the vehicle has done.
  • Additional Costs Grid: add any additional costs associated with the vehicle for example MOT, services etc.

Note: The following buttons adjacent to the lower grids are used to add or remove lines in the adjacent grids.

  • add new line to the adjacent grid.: add new line to the adjacent grid.
  • Deletes the line currently focused on in the adjacent grid. deletes the line currently focused on in the adjacent grid.

Vehicle Selection

  • Vehicle: Select the vehicle from the drop down list to filter the screen by.
  • Date From and Date To: filter the information in the information pane by the selected date range.

Vehicle Information

  • Vehicle Code: the code used for the vehicle.
  • Registration No: the registration number of the vehicle.
  • Weight Carried: the maximum weight the vehicle can carry.
  • Vehicle Make: the make of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Model: the model of the vehicle.
  • Date New: the date the vehicle was first registered.
  • Date Purchased: the date the vehicle was purchased.

Information Pane

The information displayed in the information pane at the top right hand side of the screen relates to the date range selected. This is updated when the information is input into the relevant grids below and then saved.
Note: abbreviations for the information pane are as follows:

KM: Kilometres
CPM: Cost per Mile
YTD: Year to Date
MPG: Miles per Gallon
CPG: Cost per Gallon

Vehicle Fuel Grid

  • Date Update: the date when fuel was purchased.
  • Litres: the quantity of fuel purchased in litres.
  • Amount: the gross cost of the fuel.

Vehicle KM Grid

  • Date Updated: the date of the record of the number of KM done.
  • KM Done: the number of KM done.
  • Total KM: can be used to enter the value on the mileometer, the system will then automatically calculate the mileage done.

Vehicle KM Context Menu

  • Set as Initial Reading: the entry currently focused on can be set as the initial mileage reading. This turns the line blue and recalculates the data in the information pane using all the data in the lines after the initial reading line.
  • Clear Initial Reading: the initial reading set can be cleared.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

Additional Costs Grid

This grid can be used to enter additional costs.

  • Date Added: the date the entry was entered.
  • User: the user who entered the information.
  • Description: for example servicing, repairs, cleaning etc.
  • Cost: the costs which should be entered as gross.

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