Sales Summary - Shared Filters

Shared Filters allow the same filter information to be used across multiple screens. The F4 filters can be shared across the following tabs:

Shared Filters

Action Button and Options

  • Apply Filters from Grid (F12): apply the filters in the current screen across other screens.
  • Reset Shared Filters in Sales Summary: resets the shared filters across the tabs to their default settings.
    Note: it does not reset the right hand filters in the Sales Summary filter set dialog.
  • Shared Filters Checkbox: if ticked the filters are shared with other screens.

Information Area

  • Filters Shared: the number of filters that are shared across other screens.
  • Filters Applied: the number of filters that have been applied across other screens.
  • Icons: the icons change depending on whether the shared filters are able to be shared in the current screen, if they are how many can be shared, how many are being applied and if the user has drilled down into any of the results in the grid:
    • Green circle with tick: indicates filters are available to be shared.
    • Green filter: indicates you have drilled down into a result in the grid by double-clicking.
    • Warning sign yellow: indicates filters have not been shared e.g. First Ordered available is available in the Customers screen but not the Best Sellers screen.
    • Double black dash: indicates that shared filters are not applicable in this screen.

Note: Intelligent filters are still present, but are no longer controlled via separate checkboxes. When shared filters are off then the intelligent filters are automatically on. However, intelligent filters can be configured so that they default to be off for all users. email Support

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