Stock Detail Options: COS Excluded

Ticking "COS Excluded item" on any stock items would result in the item's stock value NOT being posted to the stock nominal accounts (this also means that the margin is not shown).

Examples of using COS Excluded items are:

  • Expense related Purchase Orders not related to stock items e.g. gas bills.
  • When a Purchase Order contains a mixture of both non-stock and stock items.
  • When delivery charges are not associated with the stock items when using purchasing.

Note: We highly recommend that the SP Ledger is used for entering non-stock items such as utility bills.

Using the COS Excluded Option

Before using the COS Excluded option the following must be created / configured:

  1. A new nominal account must be created, this will need an Account Type of Stock Item.
    • The System Type may be Purchase or Expense.
  2. A new Stock Item should be created (see notes below).
    1. On the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] tab:
      • Set the PNominal to the new nominal created, for example electricity nominal to electricity stock item.
    2. On the [ Stock | Detail | Options ] tab the following must be configured:
      • COS Excluded Item - TICKED and
      • Stock Controlled - UNTICKED.
  3. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button to save the Stock Item


  1. A new nominal will be required for each type of expense, for example electricity, gas etc.
  2. An existing stock item can be amended to become COS Excluded, but we would recommend creating a new item (as detailed above).
  3. COS Excluded Item = Item's stock value will not be posted to the Stock nominal accounts (used when Expense type items are used on Purchase Invoices).
  4. This also stops the stock value being posted to Stock COS when the item is sold.
  5. When COS Excluded is used the stock item's PNominal is used to control which nominal is posted to on purchases.
  6. The stock item's PNominal property must be set in order to use this feature.

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