Viewing Discontinued Products in the Relationships Screen

Although this option has to be enabled it is part of the Stock Relationship area of the system and will not incur additional charges.
If you wish to have this functionality enabled, please email Development.

You can view which items are discontinued in a relationship:

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Open the parent item.
  3. Open the Relationships screen.
  4. Focus on a child item.
  5. Right click and select Show Stock Parents....
  6. In the 'Relationship Parents for (the stock code)' popup you can view the list of relationships associated with the stock item:
    • SKU: the stock code of the parent item.
    • Qty: the quantity of the stock item per relationship.
    • Relationship: the relationship type either Move With or Build.
      Note: a stock item can be a child item for both Move With and Build relationships.
    • Discontinued Products checkbox: indicates whether the item has been marked as discontinued in the [ Stock | Detail | Options ] screen.
      Relationship parents dialog

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