Channels 2.0 Detail Stock Tab

The [ Channels | Detail | Stock ] screen allows you to define which stock items should have their available stock levels synchronised with the loaded channel.

Stock Options

The upper Stock Options area allows you to choose between:

  • Upload all items: which will synchronise the available stock levels of all of your stock items; or
  • Upload specified items only: which allows you to pick and choose which stock items should have their stock levels synchronised using the grid below.

Stock Items Grid

If you are choosing to Upload specified items only, this grid allows you to specify the stock items that should have their stock levels synchronised. Clicking the Add New button on the Actions Bar allows you to add the item or items you want to synchronise. The column headings are:

  • SKU: the stock items code.
  • Description: the short description of the stock item.
  • Status:

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