How To: Create a Parent SCS Stock Item

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Before creating SCS stock items the non-stock controlled parent item must be created as follows:

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Press Ctrl+N or click the New item icon is the button bar's NEW button .
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Stock Detail Properties Tab - General area
      • Stock Code: stock item's reference code.
        Note: on save Khaos Control automatically strips spaces from the front and end of the stock code.
      • Description: the description of the stock item.
      • Stock Type: defines the Level 2 stock type, used by the system to categorise stock.
  4. You should also consider entering data into the following fields, which default to the values shown, these are inherited by the child items but can then be edited:
    • Stock Detail Properties Tab - Pricing area
      • Buy Price (default=0): the amount the item costs to purchase from the supplier.
      • Sell Price (default=0): the amount the item is sold for.
      • Sale Limit (default=0):
      • Stock Value (default=0): the stock value is used to calculate cost of sales (COS).
      • Tax Portion (default=100%):
    • Stock Detail Properties Tab - Stock Control / Other area
      • Safe Level (default=0): used for reordering purposes. Determines the safe stock level.
      • Min Level (default=0): used for reordering purposes. Determines the minimum stock level.
      • Lead Time(d) (default=1):
      • Reorder(q) (default=1):
      • Avg. Weight (default=0): average weight per individual item.
      • Min Reorder(q) (default=0):
      • Reorder Multiple (default=0):
      • Picking Order (default=000):
      • Reorder Period(d) (default=0): used in Advanced Reordering.
      • Buffer Level(d) (default=0): used in Advanced Reordering.
      • Reorder Point(d) (default=0): used in Advanced Reordering.
    • Stock Detail Options Tab
      • Automatic Quality Check (default=ticked):
      • Publish on Web (default=ticked):
    • Stock Detail Accounting Tab
      • Base Tax Rate (default=as set for selected Stock Type): sets the tax rate for the item. Enables Khaos Control to calculate the appropriate VAT for sales and purchases of the item.
  5. Return to the Stock Detail Options Tab.
  6. Untick Stock Controlled.
  7. Click 'Yes' to the Are you SURE dialog box.
  8. Click 'Yes' to the warning/information dialog box.
  9. Khaos Control saves the SCS parent item.

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