How To: Enter a customer or supplier opening balance

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  1. Open the [ Accounts | Nominal Accounts | Trial Balance ] tab.
  2. Right-click in the left-hand grid and select "Enter Opening Balance" from the context menu to display the Opening Balances Dialog.
  3. Use the the green opening folder icon is normally linked to the opening of a dialog box that allows the user to browse and select a value or range of values   button to open the Company lookup.
  4. Find the customer or supplier the opening balance is for.
  5. Enter the invoice number.
    Note: when entering Invoice numbers, we strongly recommend prefixing them with "OB" (e.g. OB000123). Adding the OB prefix removes any confusion as to whether the Invoice Number has been generated by Khaos Control, imported from an earlier system or entered using the "Opening Balances" dialog and helps prevent opening balances from being accidentally deleted.
  6. Enter the gross value (i.e. including VAT) of the opening balance into the 'Amount' field.
  7. Enter the date you want this journal to be posted.
  8. Select which ledger the opening balance is to be posted to:
    • For customers: select "Customer Opening Balance" from the 'Nominal' drop-down menu.
    • For suppliers: select "Supplier Opening Balance" from the 'Nominal' drop-down menu.
      Note: Customer and Supplier Opening Balance Nominals MUST be created by the user and are with the relevant nominal System Type.
  9. If the opening balance is a credit (i.e. you owe the customer OR the supplier owes you), tick the 'Credit Note' checkbox.
  10. Select the correct tax rate to use.
  11. Tick the 'Post Tax' checkbox, if applicable.
    • UNTICKED means that the all the invoices that make up the new opening balance have been included in a previous tax return.
    • TICKED mean that all the invoices that make up the new opening balance have NOT been included in a previous tax return and will be included on you next one.
  12. Select the currency you are entering the opening balance in.
    Note: The customer (or supplier) must have been set to use the same currency. It is not possible to change the currency once a customer/supplier has linked transactions.
  13. Add a note  (Optional).
  14. Pressing the 'OK' button will add a single opening balance; alternatively pressing the Add transaction Detail button button allows you to continue to add transactions until 'OK' is pressed, when the system will save the opening balances.


  • This command is only used to enter customer/supplier opening balances; all other opening balances should be entered via the Journal section, see How To: Enter Opening Balances.
  • Prior to entering balances ensure that there is an "Opening Balances" nominal account (in addition to Customer and Supplier Opening Balances).
  • An opening balance entered in error can be deleted using the context menu in the Customer / Supplier Statement Tab Statement Transactions Grid.

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