How To: Import Group Movements


The Import Group Move functionality allows all movement data to be provided by an import file. An option also exists to automate the processing of the file. Please email Support for more details on this.


The group movement import function allows = all information to be defined in the file and not be expected from the screen. This includes the following fields:

  • Site From
  • Warehouse From
  • Location From
  • Stock Code
  • Qty
  • Site To
  • Warehouse To
  • Location To

This will then allow the user to provide Khaos Control with a file to move items between locations en-masse. An automated routine is also available to check for new files to be imported and loaded as a group movement. Once an automated group movement has been imported, it will be processed automatically, by Khaos Control. Please email Support for more details on this.


No additional or on-going configuration is required.


  1. Open a Warehouse screen (show me how).
  2. Click on the Perform Location Movements button in the Warehouse List screen. button to open the Location Move dialog.
  3. Click on the Import Batch button. button in the Location Move screen.
  4. Select the CSV import file to be processed.
  5. Khaos Control will load the information into the Group Movement grid, ready for processing.
  6. # Click the process batch button button to complete stock movements.


  • The import file must be in CSV format and include the following headers, all of which are mandatory:
    • FROM_SITE - the site the stock is being moved from.
    • FROM_WAREHOUSE_CODE - the warehouse the stock is being moved from.
    • FROM_LOCN_CODE - the location the stock is being moved from.
    • STOCK_CODE - the code of the stock item being moved.
    • QTY - how many stock items are being moved.
    • TO_SITE - the site the stock is moving to.
    • TO_WAREHOUSE_CODE - the warehouse the stock is moving to.
    • LOCN_CODE - the location the stock is moving to. This must be set up as a multi-stock location.
  • If the import is done via the automated import function, the group movement will be processed automatically.
  • If the stock item which is being moved is not already associated with the location it is being moved to, Khaos Control will create the association with the new location as part of the movement.

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