How To: Remove Stock User Defined Attributes (UDAs) from stock items

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  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. In the [ Stock | List ] screen find and green-select the items that need the UDA to be added to their record.
    Note: the UDA must be setup before using block update stock UDA.
  3. Right-click and from the context menu select Update Selected Stock Items then UDAs.
  4. Focus on the UDA you wish to remove from the items.
  5. Depending on the UDA:
    1. Text - select and  Backspace the entry.
    2. Integer - select and  Backspace the entry.
    3. Number - select and  Backspace the entry.
    4. Choice - select and  Backspace the entry.
    5. Yes/No - untick.
    6. List - untick.
  6. Click on 'OK'.


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