System Operations - EPOS End-of-Day

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The use and setup of EPOS End of Day is an Advanced User feature.

Only users with Admin or EPOS Admin permission can access the EPOS End of Day function via the [ System Operations ] menu on the main screen's Menu Bar. It is used to issue all EPOS orders for a selected date range. In effect, it green selects any EPOS orders that are in Sales Invoice manager's "Issue" stage† and attempts to issue them. This function is used to aid daytime system performance as Khaos Control does not immediately create and issue the EPOS orders en-masse, which may slow the system.

† This does NOT affect any EPOS orders in any other Sales Invoice manager stage (e.g. EPOS orders that Khaos Control has moved to the "Awaiting Stock" stage, because you have sold stock that Khaos Control didn't know you had). Such orders will need to be attended to separately.

To stop Khaos Control from automatically creating and issuing EPOS Sales Orders, an additional command has to be added to the users' shortcut target. Please email Support if you wish to use this functionality.

Where this function is active and the user needs to process/issue all EPOS orders they need to take the following steps:

  1. Run [ System Operations | EPOS End-of-Day ] from the main screen's menu bar.
  2. Select the date range of EPOS orders that you wish to issue.
  3. Press the the "Process Orders" button appears on the EPOS End-of-Day dialog button, the following will happen:
    • Within the EPOS popup a summary of the processed orders will appear including any exceptions or errors.
    • A pop-up dialog box will appear informing you of how many EPOS orders were processed and how many had errors.
  4. Click OK to close the dialog box.
    Note: All unprocessed orders or orders with errors must be dealt with.

For orders that cannot be fixed by the user please contact Support at Khaos Control Solutions Ltd.

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