Back Order Assignment at Goods In


Khaos Control will automatically assign stock to back order sales orders at Goods In. This means that your back order picking operation can be handled smoothly and efficiently, without the need to maintain separate systems for your back orders and tally these up at the point of receiving a delivery. Instead, Khaos Control does all the hard work for you.

Assignment Priorities

Khaos Control assigns stock to sales orders automatically at the point of Goods In, as follows:

  1. Sales Order Line(s) that already has an association with the Purchase Order line(s) being booked in.
  2. Oldest Sales Order Line(s) based on the Delivery Date against the order line's header.

Why Not Just Prioritise Back Order Assignment by Order Date?

Order Date and the Delivery Date on a sales order are linked - Delivery Date automatically calculates to be X number of days ahead of the Order Date. Assigning based on the Delivery Date gives you the opportunity to prioritise certain sales orders by rolling their Delivery Date back (or forward), rather than having to manually create a specific back order / purchase order relationship for each individual order line.

How Do I Know Which Back Orders Have Been Released?

The 'View Backorder Released Items' dialog, which is accessed from the 'Other Actions Menu', enables you to view, per Delivery Note, how Khaos Control has assigned stock to back orders.

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