Delivery (Goods-In) Quality Check Tab

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The Quality Check screen is used to view items marked as requiring a manual (as opposed to automatic) quality check in their [ Stock | Detail | Options ] screen once they have been moved into the upper grid of the delivery note. For a visual guide of where the Quality Check screen fits into the purchasing process see the Purchasing Process.


  1. If the QC is saved with some items having failed their QC check, then these items will be classed as quarantined by the stock control system.
  2. If using Warehouse Control see How To: Book Stock Items that require Manual Quality Checking into a Warehouse.

The 'Quality Check' tab contains two areas:


  • Delivery Details
    • DN Code: the Delivery Note code automatically populated by the system.
    • Date: the date the quality check was performed.
  • Supplier Details
    • URN: the suppliers URN.
    • Supplier: the suppliers name.
    • BtnQCPostQC.jpg: books quality checked items into stock (i.e. available or quarantined).
    • BtnQCSupplierRtn.jpg: create a supplier return for the items that have failed quality check.

Quality Check Grid

  • Stock:
    • Code: the stock code for the stock item.
    • Description: stock item description.
  • Quantity:
    • Ordered: quantity ordered on purchase order.
    • Delivered: actual quantity delivered.
    • Passed: the number of stock items passed quality check.
    • Failed: the number of items that have failed quality check.
      Note: users can enter the number of items that have failed or passed and the system will enter the balance in the appropriate column.
  • Note: a free text field allowing the user to enter a note against the item, for example the reason the items failed quality checking.

Quality Check context menu

  • Goto Stock Item: opens the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] screen for the selected stock item.
  • Goto Purchase Order: opens the corresponding purchase order for item on the quality check.
  • Colour Legend: opens the Colour Legend dialog which informs the users of what certain highlights in the grid represent.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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