Credit Card Integration

WARNING: The setting up of or modifications to this area of the system must be done by Khaos Control. Any incorrect changes made maybe detrimental to the Card Integration functionality

Khaos Control supports a variety of integrated card authorisation packages from several external payment providers, this means credit cards can be charged and refunded from within the system. Card Integration will be setup on your behalf by the Khaos Control team.

Providers currently supported by Khaos Control include:

Commidea (IPC2)
Credit Call
Global Payment

Independent Chip & Pin providers include:

Credit Call

Khaos Control as a system is not responsible for the authorisation of card payments and in all cases, when the operator instructs Khaos Control to charge a card, an encrypted connection is made to the payment provider, the card details are transmitted and the results displayed to the user; either that the card was authorised, or that the payment was declined.

Payments options

A variety of options are available from within Khaos Control to control how your cards are charged:

  • Payment can be taken at time of sales order creation or at time of goods despatched.
  • If your payment provider supports it, we can preauthorise the card at time of order, then authorise the payment at time of despatch. This provides reassurance that the card is valid and allows invalid numbers to be caught as early as possible, while avoiding actually charging the customer until the items are ready to ship.
  • Cards can be charged individually, or batch-charged from within our Invoice Manager if you wish to process groups of orders at once. The point at which the cards are charged is configurable, e.g. before orders are picked, or after picking but before printing shipping labels.
  • Refunds (e.g. due to returned goods) can be made back to the original card in a similar manner.
  • We can import payment information from your website - either transaction details (if your website has already charged the card), or card details (if it has just captured the information). This may require integration work with your web developers.
  • We can also integrate with other providers when necessary.
Note: Please be aware that not all payment providers will support every option (e.g. pre-authorisation), please verify this before selecting which provider to use.

Card Detail Requirements

The minimum details required to authorise credit cards from within Khaos Control are:

  • Credit/debit card number (normally 16 digits, but can be more for some card types).
  • Expiry date (in the format mm/yy e.g. 06/08).
  • In practice other details are often required:
    • Card holder's name (Khaos Control will fill this in for you based on the invoice contact, if possible).
    • Start date and Issue Number (usually only required for Maestro & similar cards).
    • CV2 digits (3 digits, or 4 digits for Amex).
    • Address & postcode of card holder (billing address).

As you enter card details into the sales order screen, Khaos Control will attempt to work out whether they are valid and indicate which details are required but missing based on the card type. You do not have to select the card type " Khaos Control can detect this based on the card number.

Fraud Prevention

As well as the minimum required details, there are also optional security checks, which can be performed when card details are sent to the bank:

  • Address checking - (AAV)
  • Signature Digit checking - (CV2/CVV)
  1. Certain providers will insist on some details being provided at all times.
  2. It is important to note that the banks do not insist on having these checks done. However, if a transaction turns out to be fraudulent, a merchant may be less likely to be held responsible if they can show they performed full security checks.

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