Customer Import List Tab

Import Data is an Advanced User feature.

Customer Import List Tab

The Customer Import List Tab allows Customers/Suppliers, their addresses and contact information to be imported into Khaos Control. The Customer Import List tab is opened by selecting 'Import data from mailing list' from the Other Actions menu in the [ Customer | List ] tab. The grid displays all previous mailings showing the setup name of the mailing and the source file used. To open the Import Settings for an entries double click on it.

The Customer Import List Screen

The screen has two areas; a top filter to search for the Setup Name and a  button. The grid has the following column headings:

  • Setup Name: the setup name given to the mailing list when it was created.
  • File Name: the file name listed when the mailing list was setup.

Creating a New Mailing List

Press Ctrl+N or click the New item icon is the button bar's NEW button to create a new import list. The [ Customer Import Detail ] tab will open and the details of the new mailing list can be entered.

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