Existing Order(s) for Customer Dialog

The Existing Order(s) for Customer dialog will appear when a new sales order is created if the customer has existing sales orders that have not been issued and the Prompt to open unissued orders is ticked in [ System Values | Sales | Order Display ].


  • View despatched items button: opens the Items Sent Dialog listing the items already sent out for the sales order focused on in the grid.

Existing Order(s) for Customer Grid

  • SOrder Code: sales order code.
  • Order Date: date the sales order was created.
  • Qty Sold: total number of items the customer has ordered.
  • Qty Sent: total number of stock items that have already been sent to the customer.
  • Qty POrder: total number of items that are required and that are on purchase order.
  • Invoice Count: number of sales invoices, for example if items have already been part-shipped this maybe one or more.

Existing Order(s) for Customer Grid Context Menu

  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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