Customer Customer Service Tracking Tab

For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Customer Other Actions Menu.

For user profiles such as Customer Services that need to view the [ Customer | Detail | Customer Service | Sales Orders/Invoices ] screen, they need to be given the User Permission to Open Sales Summary but without the ability to view Sales Summary screens in their User Profile.

Top Filter Area


The top filter area allows users to filter for sales order or invoices across the four sub tabs in the Customer Services area including the Tracking screen:

The filter area consists of:

  • Clear button: clears the adjacent SO Code and Inv Code fields.
  • SO Code: sales order codes can be entered or dragged and dropped from the lower grids into this field. Pressing the BtnGoX.jpg button will populate the grid with all items related to that sales order.
  • Inv Code: sales invoice codes can be entered into this field, but not dragged and dropped. Pressing the BtnGoX.jpg button will populate the grid with all items related to that sales invoice.


The tracking tab allows users to see where and at what stage orders are in the system and any changes that have occurred.
Note: the BtnGoX.jpg button must be pressed to populate the grid.

Customer Customer Service Tracking Tab

Tracking Top Filters

  • Date Range (Red Traffic Light Filter /Green Traffic Light Filter traffic light filter): filter the contents of the grid using a date range.

Tracking Grid

  • Date: the date the status of the sales order changed.
  • Time: the time the status of the sales order changed.
  • User: the user responsible for any changes.
  • SOrder: the sales order number.
  • Invoice: the invoice code if it has been printed otherwise ??? will be displayed.
  • Type: the type of change including whether it is a system change. Normal = Moved by a user. Normal(System) = Means the system moved the invoice. This may have been triggered by the actions of a user e.g. opening the Sales Invoice Manager or assigning stock.
  • Description: the description of the order status change, for example invoice printed or the stages that it has moved between in the Sales Invoice Manager.

Tracking Grid Context Menu

  • Goto Sales Order: opens the main tab of Sales Order Detail Screen for selected customer.
  • Goto Sales Invoice: opens the staged processing tab of Sales Invoices Screen for selected Sales Order.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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