Extended Stock Descriptions

Extended Stock Descriptions are used to hold additional information about an item, for example if the customer specifies a particular colour or finish for an item. They can be manually or automatically added to the stock line, the system will follow a hierarchy when deciding which extended stock description to use:

  1. Customer or Supplier: for special instructions when a customer purchases a stock item or an item is purchased from a supplier, see How To: Add Extended Stock Descriptions.
  2. Stock Item: for adding a further description to a stock item that will appear on the sales or purchase order.
  3. Manually adding the description in the following grids:
    1. Sales Order, Proforma, Quotation and Credit Note
    2. Sales Returns Credit Note if the 'Copy Extended Descriptions' checkbox is ticked
    3. Purchase Orders
    4. Supplier Return see How To: Create a Supplier Return.
    5. EPOS

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