How To: Bulk Update Stock Buy and Sell Prices

Stock buy and sell prices can be updated in bulk saving the user having to open individual stock screens.

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Right click in the [ Stock | List ] grid.
  3. Select Other Actions followed by Change Prices from the context menu.
  4. In the Stock Price Change popup:
    1. Select the Stock Type.
    2. Select either the Buy or Sell radio button to update the buy or sell price.
      Note: you can only update the buy or sell price, not both at the same time.
    3. Click on the BtnSkUpdateGo.jpg button.
  5. The stock code and description will be displayed in the lower area.
  6. Enter the Sell (or Buy) price for the stock item.
  7. Click on OK. The next item from the stock type will be displayed. Once all stock items in the stock type have been updated the popup will disappear.


  1. Whether you use Net or Gross pricing as depending on system setup this will affect what price you enter.
  2. Updating the Buy price will only update the price held on the [ Stock | Detail | Properties] tab and NOT the [ Stock | Detail | Suppliers] tab.

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