How To: Cancel an Issued Sales Order

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This page describes how to delete an Issued Sales Order. If the sales Order has not been issued, see How To: Cancel a Sales Order.

To delete a sales order that has been issued you will need to do a return which is created from the original sales order, this creates an audit trail:

  1. Open a Sales Order screen (show me how).
  2. Find and open the Sales Order which contains the item to be returned.
  3. Select the item lines which are to be returned.
  4. Click on the Return button button.
  5. Click Yes to the create return for selected item(s) dialog box, the Returns screen will open with the items being returned in the upper grid.
  6. Update the quantities for the goods to be returned into the upper grid.
  7. Enter a Return Reason using the F4 look up for each return line.
    Note: Return Reasons must be set up, see How To: Configure Return Reasons.
  8. If required, the default processing type can be changed using the F4 lookup in the Processing Type column.
  9. Leave the lower grid empty.
  10. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button to save the Sales Return
  11. Click the BtnRtnIssue.jpg button in the Credit Note pane.
  12. If the customer does not wish the credit to be held on account and require an actual refund, click the BtnRefundIssue.jpg button.
  13. In the Refunds Dialog:
    1. Select the bank account the refund is to be taken from.
    2. Click OK.
    3. Click Yes to confirm the refund.

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