How To: Create a Net price list from a Gross price list

This page may prove useful to B2C companies, where the System Values "Sell prices are net" checkbox is not ticked
(i.e. the system has been set to use gross sell prices).

To create a net price list from a gross price list, where the amount column contains gross sell prices,[1] the following should work, but please try it out first on your KHAOS_TESTING system:

  1. Confirm that the 'Amount' column on your gross price list contains the gross price.
  2. Create the new net price list (e.g. Trade) from the System Data screen (see How To: Setup a Price List).
  3. Open a Promotion screen (show me how) and select the new price list.
  4. Ensure the new price list's 'Price List is Net' checkbox is NOT ticked.
  5. Select the old gross price list you wish to copy from.
  6. Press the 'Copy Price List' button to see the Target Price List dialog:

    The Target Price List dialog is used to select the price list you are copying the current price list to.

  7. Select the destination price list (e.g. Trade) and click "OK".
  8. In the Confirm popup click "Yes".
  9. In the Information popup click on "OK".
  10. Load the new price list and check it has the items copied from the old price list.
  11. Press Alt+E or click the green triangle icon is the buttonbar's EDIT button to enter edit mode.
  12. Tick the 'Allow editing list prices' checkbox.
  13. Tick the 'Price List is Net' checkbox.
  14. Green select all the standard VAT rated items you want to change the prices of.
  15. Select 'Update Prices / Discounts' from the grid's right-click context menu to display the Stock Price Update dialog:

    The Stock Price Update dialog determines how the prices are to be changed.

  16. Press the 'Update Amount' radio button, tick the 'Percentage (not Amount)' checkbox and enter the percentage value you have calculated that will reduce the gross price to a net price.
  17. Save the pricelist.
  18. Confirm the prices have updated as expected.


  1. ? Any items on the price list that do not use the amount column should be dealt with separately.

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