How To: Filter Customer User Defined Attributes (UDAs)

Once setup, see How To: Setup Stock UDAs and How To: Setup Stock UDAs with Groups, users can filter and view UDAs for them in the following screens:

Customer UDA filter example
  1. In the [ Customer | List ] screen click on the UDA Filter button.
  2. Select or enter the relevant UDA filter values, the options will depend on the type of UDA:
    • Choice: select the required option from the drop down list.
    • Date: click on the right side of the date field and select the specific date.
    • Integer: enter the whole number only and select the comparison on the left:
    =: equal to.
    !=: not this option.
    <: less than.
    <=: less than or equal to.
    >: greater than.
    >=: greater than or equal to.
    • List: select one or more options using the tri-state checkboxes:
    Tri-State ignore: ignore this option.
    Tri-State on (yes): filter for this option.
    Tri-State off (no): don't filter for this option.
    • Number: enter a number with decimals, as per Integer UDAs, Number UDAs use comparisons when filtering.
    • Text: enter the text in the seach, this can be suffixed or prefixed by a % wildcard.
    • Yes/No: tick the checkbox for Yes or unticked for No.
  3. Turn filter on by clicking on the adjacent traffic light to turn it to green.
  4. Click 'OK', the results will filter for the selections made.

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