How To: Find Suppliers due for payment

Here is one way of determining which supplier invoices are now due for payment:

  1. The Account screen's "Debtors/Creditors" grid is intended to provide an overview of total debt:
    • When looking at creditors, those periods having values shown in red potentially have invoices due.
    • Using the right-click context menu option "Goto Company" takes you to the Supplier screen.
  2. The Supplier screen's "Statement Transactions" grid lets you see which purchase invoices are actually due for payment.

At this point, you may wish to refer to How To: Make Supplier Payments.


In the following example, Freddie's Foods payment terms are set to 14 days.

The "Debtors/Creditors" grid shows how Freddie's Food's puchase invoices appear as aged debtors when the "Creditors" and "Months" checkboxes are set:

Notice how the values for Periods 1, 2 and 4 are red, indicating they are potentially due for payment.

In the corresponding Supplier screen, the rows in the "Statement Transactions" grid with a light sandy coloured background identify which payments are actually due.

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