How To: Make Supplier Payments

The Supplier Payments popup enables users to roll up payments and credits for suppliers according to the filters set and pay the balance, the procedure for this is as follows:

  1. Open a Supplier screen (show me how).
  2. Go to the [ Statement ] tab.
  3. Click on the BtnBluePound.jpg button.
  4. Click on the Go button
  5. Green-select all of the invoices and credit notes (it can be from more than one supplier), the system will total the balance of the selected rows and display the total value in the field at the bottom of the grid; this is a read-only field.
    Note: Settlement discount(s) can be entered by right clicking on the grid and selecting Settlement Discount prior to clicking on Pay Selected. A dialog box is displayed to enter the amount of the settlement discount.
  6. Click the Pay Selected button.
  7. Select a default date to set for each payment.
    Note: if you select Cancel then you can change the date for each payment.
  8. The New Payment Dialog is displayed for every supplier " amend the details as required, for example:
    1. Choose the relevant bank account etc. from the drop-down lists.
    2. Use the 'Code' field to enter the cheque reference number or other relevant information.
  9. Once all the payment details have been completed a remittance is displayed for each supplier.
    Note: if using this method the payment must be made in full.

Notes: Payment types are set against a company, but this matches the sales payment type list rather than purchasing type list. In order to map this when creating payments from the supplier statement, the following mappings occur translating the default type to a suitable type for the new payments. There is currently no mapping or type combination which would result in the "Account Transfer" type being selected automatically when raising Supplier payments.

Sales Payment Type - > Ledger Payment TypePayment Type
0 -> 0{cash -> cash}
1 -> 1{cheque -> cheque}
2 -> 2{credit card -> credit card}
3 -> 4{account - DDI}
4 -> 6{voucher - bacs}
5 -> 6{credit note - bacs}
6 -> 6{existing payment - bacs}
7 -> 3{DDI- DDI}
8 -> 6{bacs- bacs}

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