How To: Move your Trial Balance from your Old System to Khaos Control

Overview and Prerequisites

Below is an example of Opening Balance Nominals that are used when entering your old Trial Balance into Khaos Control:

Code Description System Type Account Type
CuOB Customer Opening Balance Customer Opening Balance Company
SuOB Supplier Opening Balance Supplier Opening Balance Company
SysOB System Opening Balance Current Asset Company
0123 Stock Adjusted (hard coded) (hard coded)

The Stock Adjusted Nominal is a system default or hard coded nominal which exists as standard on all Khaos Control system. Both the Nominal Code and Description can be changed if required but the use of this or any hard coded nominal will always remain the same.

Provisional Procedure

In the new system, please consider the following steps:

  1. Create the prerequisite nominals, these will all be active nominals on your old trial balance including the Opening Balance nominals displayed in the above table, see How To: Enter Opening Balances.
  2. Enter all Customer Opening Balances, see How To: Enter a customer or supplier opening balance.
  3. Enter all Supplier Opening Balances, see How To: Enter a customer or supplier opening balance.
  4. Adjust all Stock in, see How To: Adjust Stock Levels for a Group of Items / or Journal Stock balance against Stock - Adjusted, see How To: Journal between Nominal Accounts and How To: Enter stock opening balance.
  5. Apply journal tweak to get stock nominal to match old system.
  6. Use the [SysOB] System Opening Balance to create journals against the remaining nominals to complete the trial balance.
  7. Use the [SysOB] System Opening Balance to Balance the following nominals:
    1. CuOB - Customer Opening Balance
    2. SuOB - Supplier Opening Balance
    3. 0123 - Stock Adjusted

Once this procedure is complete then your Old System and Khaos Control trail balances will match. If you have entered information in error see How To: Delete an Opening Balance.

Note: to add a purchase invoice for goods delivered in your old system but where you have only just received the invoice, add the invoice as a SP Ledger entry.

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