System Data System Payment Types

System Payment Types

The System Payment Types screen contains a list of the payment types that can be used on the system, for example; credit card, cash etc. These can be linked to bank accounts so a specific payment type, for example credit card, can be automatically entered into the credit card bank account.
It has three uses:

  • Default Bank: as above, it will default the Bank Account on the New Payment dialog based on various selection criteria
  • Auto Bank: will determine whether the payment is marked as Banked or whether the user must manually bank the transaction.
  • Rolled Up: determines whether these payments are rolled-up into a container transaction that appears in the bank as one amount.

System Payment Types Grid

  • Payment Type (Required): the type of payment for example:
    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • Credit Card
    • Account
    • Voucher, see Voucher Payments for setting up and using this payment type.
    • Credit Note
    • Existing Payment
    • Direct Debit (DDI)
      Note: this is only a label and there is no functionality to integrate with your bank.
    • BACS
      Note: this is only a label and there is no functionality to integrate with your bank.
Use the F4 popup to select the system payment type to be defined.
  • Currency (Required): the currency that each payment type uses. The currency is selected using the F4 button which lists the currencies set up on the system.
  • S/P: (S)Sale or (P)Purchase ledger payment.
  • Company Class: if this field is defined then the only customers or supplier of the defined company class will have this rule considered and applied if applicable. A basic example of this would be if the user had two cash system payment types setup so customers cash payments go into the current bank account and cash from trade customers go into a separate trade bank account.
  • Site: this limits the system payment type for this line to the selected site. If no site is selected then it will be available at all sites. Generally useful when used in conjunction with the EPOS tickbox.
  • Bank: if the payment type is associated with a specific bank account, then this is set here using the F4 button to select the appropriate bank account from the list.
    Note: Create bank accounts, then close and reopen the System Data screen before setting up system payment types, if you want to see them displayed in the list, see How To: Create a New Bank Account.
  • EPOS checkbox:
    • TICKED: the system payment type defined in the Payment Type column will only apply to EPOS orders.
    • UNTICKED: the system payment type defined in the Payment Type column will not apply to EPOS orders only standard Sales Orders if an alternative system payment type for EPOS is defined. If no EPOS definition is available then the system payment type will apply to EPOS and normal Sales Orders.
  • Auto. Bank checkbox: the payment is automatically entered into the bank, for example a credit card payment will be taken from the customer's credit card bank and put into your credit card bank. The system will need to mirror this action. If Rollup Batch payments are being used and Auto banking is specified, the payment will be added to the most recent batch which uses the same group. If no batch of the same group is open it will create a new batch for that group and incorporate that payment.
  • Rolled Up checkbox:
    • TICKED: the system payment type will be added to the latest or open batch of payment that use the group defined in the next column. A new batch is created per day unless an alternative or older batch has been reopened by a user.
    • UNTICKED: when this payment is banked it will not be added to any batch and will have its own individual line in the bank account.
  • Roll Up Group: payment types with the same index number set here will belong to the same group. When the payments are banked, they will be added into the same batch. For example, you may wish all Sterling payment types of cash and cheque to belong to the same batch, in this case you would enter the same code (CC) against each cash and cheque Sterling line in the Roll Up Group, see below:
    Roll up batch in System Data System Payment Types
    Note: this only works in conjunction with the Rolled Up payments checkbox.

System Payment Types Context Menu

  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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