How To: Print a Payment Remittance from the SP Ledger Screen

  1. Open the [ Accounts | SP Ledger ] tab.
  2. Tick the Show All (or only non-posted) checkbox.
  3. Click on the Go button.
  4. Locate the payment line and green select it.
  5. Right-click and from the context menu select Print Payment Remittance.


  • The payment must be posted and paid in the SP Ledger screen for this option to work.
  • Payment remittances can be printed for each invoice which is showing as paid in the screen. A payment remittance is printed for each payment allocated against the invoice, e.g. one payment by cheque, one by BACS and another by Credit/debit card, so three separate remittances would be printed. The separate payment remittances print as separate reports in the command window.

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