How To: Set up Budgets against Nominal Accounts

The budgets functionality in Khaos Control allows users to set up monthly budgets against different nominal accounts and then analyse them, see How To: Analyse Budget Figures. There are two steps to setting up budgets; the first is to enable budgets and the second is setting up the budget amounts against the nominals.

Enabling Budgets

  1. Open [ System Operations | Edit System Values | Accounts - General ].
  2. Tick the option Profit and Loss: Nominal Account Budgets.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Close and restart Khaos Control.

Setting up the Budget Amounts

  1. Open an Accounts screen (show me how).
  2. Press F9 or clicking the down arrow immediately to the right of the to open the 'Other Actions' menu.
  3. Select "Nominal Account Budget" from the "Other Actions" menu.
  4. In the Nominal Account Budget dialog:
    1. Select the financial year ending.
    2. Click the Go button.
    3. Enter budgets against each Nominal Account on a per month basis.

      Budgets dialog

  5. Click on OK.
    Note: You do not need to do this for every budget, just those you wish to monitor.

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