How To: Use Shortcuts to run Khaos Control

A typical Khaos Control installation will have four shortcuts located in the "K:\KeystoneSoftwareUTILS\Shortcuts" folder:

Khaos Control shortcut icon KhaosControl
Khaos Control TESTING shortcut icon KhaosControl TESTING
ChangeLog shortcut icon ChangeLog
ChangeLog TESTING shortcut icon ChangeLog TESTING

These shortcuts can be copied to client PCs (e.g. Desktop and Start Menu) or run from the server's shared drive. Some installations may have additional shortcuts to run one or more training systems.

The server's desktop should have an additional shortcut, which runs the CopyLive2Test utility. This utility copies the live instance of KhaosControl (including the Khaos Control program itself and the KHAOS database) across, overwriting the existing KhaosControl TESTING program/database.


This shortcut runs the LIVE instance of Khaos Control, using the KHAOS database.

During the implementation phase (i.e. before GoLive), all of your system configuration and user acceptance testing should be done on this system. This will ensure you GoLive in the same environment (and with all the same settings) that you have been using for user acceptance testing.

KhaosControl TESTING

The TESTING instance of Khaos Control is only needed after you have gone live. It runs the TESTING instance of Khaos Control (using the KHAOS_TESTING database), where you can try out various things without affecting your live environment.

For example, if you have requested development to change the way that something works, you should download and apply the update to TESTING (in order to check that it works the way you expected) before attempting to update your live system.

Before using the TESTING environment, you must always confirm that all interfaces have been disabled (e.g. setting card processing to TEST mode, setting email generation to TEST mode, etc.)


ChangeLog is a utility program that allows you to download and apply updates to Khaos Control. This shortcut works with your LIVE system, see How To: Use ChangeLog to apply Khaos Control Updates.


ChangeLog is a utility program that allows you to download and apply updates to Khaos Control. This shortcut works with your TESTING system.


In addition to the above shortcuts, which can be run on client PCs and the Khaos Control server, your server will have a shortcut that copies your LIVE system to TESTING, overwriting the existing testing program and database. Depending on your version the icon will look similar to the following:

CopyLive2Test icon CopyLive2Test icon

For the instructions to run CopyLive2Test see part 1 of the the Testing section.

The reason for this is so that when you implement any changes to your testing system, you are doing so in as "live" an environment as possible because your testing system will be an exact copy (at the time of copying) of your live system.

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