How To: View how frequently customers have bought

  1. Open a Sales Summary screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Customers ] screen.
  3. Press the F4 filter button button in the top left.
  4. Add any filters you require using the 'Add a new filter' drop down at the top of the Sales Summary Filters dialog.
  5. Tick the Exclude Credit Notes checkbox on the right as you will want to return the number of people who have bought from you.
  6. In the Frequency field in the bottom left of the Sales Summary Filters dialog:
    Sales Summary customers frequency filter
    1. Enter the Frequency (by default this is 2 which will return customers who have bought 2 or more times from you).
    2. Turn the adjacent traffic light to green.
    3. Tick the 'or more' checkbox if you want the frequency not to be limited to the quantity entered but also for any customers who have ordered more than this quantity.
  7. Click on OK to return the results in the Sales Summary grid.

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