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This option is for using vouchers as a payment type, if you wish to have the Gift Voucher functionality enabled, please email Development.

For those clients having the Gift Voucher functionality enabled, Gift Vouchers (also known as face-value vouchers) can be set up and viewed in the [ Promotions | Voucher ] screen.

  1. Gift Vouchers in Khaos Control are NOT "money off coupons" and VAT should NOT be charged on their sale as each voucher is treated as a "positive balance" held against the customer's account (even though we don't yet know which customer). Once a sale is made, the "positive balance" is applied against the sale (for VAT purposes, the tax point is when the sale is made).
  2. Here is a link to the relevant page on HM Customs & Revenue's website

Before face value vouchers can be used the VOUCHER stock item and nominal must be set up, see How To: Setup Gift Vouchers, also see the notes below and the Nominal Postings when using Gift Vouchers for information about the accounting process when creating and redeeming vouchers.

The [ Promotions | Voucher ] screen consists of the upper filters and a lower grid.


  • Voucher Code: search for a specific voucher.
  • Show All checkbox:
    • TICKED: display all vouchers.
    • UNTICKED: show vouchers that have not been used.
  • Date Range: filter for gift vouchers within a specific date range.

Gift Voucher Grid

  • Voucher Code: the voucher code.
  • User (F4): the name of the user who added the voucher.
  • Amount: the amount the voucher is for.
  • Date: the date the voucher was created.
  • Expiry Date (F4): the expiry date of the voucher.
  • SOrder Code: the sales order code the voucher was used on.

Gift Voucher Grid Context Menu

  • Goto Sales Order: opens the sales order for the line currently focused on.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

Notes about Using Gift Vouchers

Creating Gift Vouchers

  1. If you create a Voucher in the Promotions section directly without selling it, it will generate a nominal posting.

Redeeming Gift Vouchers

  1. If you sell a Voucher to a customer, it will generate a nominal posting to the voucher sales nominal but this will be linked to the Sales Invoice and Stock Code VOUCHER.
  2. When you redeem a voucher a journal is immediately posted when the Sales Order is saved to debit the value from the VOUCHER nominal.
  3. If a voucher has been used on a Sales Order it will have the code associated with it in the Sorder Code column.
  4. If a Voucher has expired but you try to use it on a Sales Order you will receive an error message "Voucher Code # is not high enough value: please enter a different voucher code". This is due to expired vouchers being treated as 0 value, so they cannot be used to redeem anything.

Cancelling or Deleting a Sales Order

  1. If you cancel a Sales Order which is redeeming a voucher a further journal is also immediately posted to credit the value from the voucher sales nominal.
  2. If you delete a sales order which is redeeming a voucher it does not cancel the Voucher payment, this must be done manually from the [ Customer | Detail | Statement ] screen.

Vouchers and EPOS

  1. If a voucher is used to pay for goods in an EPOS transaction but is more than the value of the order then the system will prompt the user to see if they wish to create a new voucher for the difference between the original voucher and any excess.

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