Standing Order Creation

We strongly recommend a review of the standing orders functionality against your intended business process before using this feature to ensure meets your requirements, it only provides basic functionality for automatic generation of orders.

Standing Orders are setup against individual customers, see How To: Create Standing Orders and then they are generated, see How To: Generate Standing Orders. How the system generates standing orders needs to be taken into account when setting them up. The system reacts as follows:

Features and Limitations

  • In order to process Saturday delivery days/dates, the System Values option, Allow Saturday Delivery Dates must be enabled.
  • Sundays are not supported as a delivery day / date. Any orders intended for a Sunday will result in an order with the next available delivery date, most commonly the following Monday assuming its not configured as a Non-Working Day in System Data.
  • All orders will have their delivery date amended after being generated in line with any Non-Working days which are configured in your system, which potentially will result in multiple orders having the same delivery date, (which will not be combined automatically).
  • Items will be combined into a single order if they originate from the same configuration day/date.
  • Orders are not combined if they originated due to different settings, ie a Day of the Week, Monday order will not be combined with an order for a specific day of the month which also falls on a Monday.
  • Orders are not combined if multiple orders result in the same delivery date due to weekends or non-working days.
  • The Delivery Date will be set to the target day, unless affected by Non-working days.
  • The Order Date is reverse engineered from the resulting delivery date, to be the day before regardless of when the order was actually generated. Generation date can be seen in the Tracking tab of the Sales Order.
  • The system does not forecast any doubling up or extra items being required due to weekends or non-working days. All orders will still be generated, and have a later delivery date if they could not be delivered on their original date.
  • Running the process on a Friday will generate orders intended for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (to account for Bank Holidays).
  • Special processing only applies on a Friday with the intention of basic handling for Weekends and Bank Holidays. Any other non-working days are not dealt with automatically to ensure these orders are generated.[1].
  • day of week, see below for examples.
  • day of month, In some circumstances the system may not create the order at all when using the day of month, this is because the system looks at the last standing order it created, if this falls into a period of (current day of month, one month) then it will not be created as it is deemed to have already created one for the current month. For example, if you setup a standing order for the 6th of each month, then change it to the 2nd the order will not be created for this month. This is because the system looks back to the 2nd of the previous month and finds the order created on the 6th, assumes that it has already created the order for the current month so does not create another one. It will create the next standing order in the following month (on the 2nd).
  • If the process is not run daily, the resulting missed orders will not be created when next executed.
  • It is possible to pause a Standing Order, see How To: Pause a Standing Order.
  • If any required fields have been set in [ System Operations | Edit System Values | Order Display ], then standing orders will not be created and an error will be displayed.

Day of the Week

  • Running on Thursday generates Friday's standing orders.
  • Running on Friday generates Saturday, Sunday[2], Monday and Tuesday standing orders.
  • Running on Monday generates no "day" standing orders, unless the process was not run on Friday when it will generate orders intended for Tuesday.

Day of the Month

  • Running on Thursday, 07/04/2017 would generate standing orders due for delivery on 8th of month (setting delivery dates to the 8th, with creation date one day earlier than delivery date);
  • Assuming Allow Saturday Delivery is not enabled, Running on Friday 08/4/2017 generates standing orders due for delivery on 9th of month (setting creation date as Friday 8th and delivery date to Monday 11th Apr)
  • Assuming Allow Saturday Delivery is enabled, Running on Friday 08/4/2017 generates standing orders due for delivery on 9th of month (setting creation date as Friday 8th and delivery date to Saturday 9th Apr)

WARNING: Remember to test any standing orders you setup to ensure they are created as you require


  1. ? For example, if your business was closed on a particular Wednesday and this has been configured as a static non-working day, but you have Thursdays orders configured, the process does not support forward generating these on the Tuesday and would still need to be run on Wednesday for these orders to be generated automatically
  2. ? Delivering on a Sunday is not currently supported and will result in the following Monday Delivery Date being set.

Stock Assignment to Standing Orders

By default, stock is automatically assigned to Standing Orders as soon as they are created. However, it is possible for the automatic assignment of stock to be turned off. Doing this will mean that:

If you wish to change the default functionality email Support.

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