Stock Detail Country Bars Tab

For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Stock Other Actions Menu.

The [ Stock | Detail | Country Bars ] tab displays countries where Customers cannot be sold the selected stock item, see How To: Setup a product bar against a country. It is possible to update multiple stock items by using the Mass Update Country Bars dialog available from the context menu in the [ Stock | List ] screen.

Note: if a user tries to add a stock item that is country barred to a Sales Order then a warning dialog will appear.

  • the New Item icon on the button bar is used to create a new entry in the Country Bars table: opens a Country lookup popup allowing for singular or green-selected countries to be added into the Barred grid.
  • the Delete Item icon on the button bar is used to remove an existing entry from the Country Bars table: removes the focused on or green-selected countries from the Barred grid.

The Barred grid displays the countries that the stock item cannot be sold to.

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