System Operations - Change Stock Control Site

The system supports multiple sites and stock is controlled in the system against a particular site. The [ System Operations | Change Stock Control Site ] option allows the user to change the site they are logged into for stock control purposes if they are using multiple sites.

If a site is created, a stock control register will be created for the new site. When raising a purchase or a sales order a site may be selected, indicating which site will be affected by the change in stock level, either being delivered or sold. For example, if two purchase orders were raised and each ordered ten desks for different sites, the system would register that each site has ten desks on order.

When you look at the stock form you are seeing the stock levels for the current site (except in stock movements, which shows transactions for all sites).

Sites are setup in [ System Data | Sites ] also see How To: Use Sites for more information about using sites in the system.

Stock can be moved between sites using the [ Stock | Adjustments ] screen. A Stock Transfer Report is created detailing what has been moved between the sites.

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