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Khaos Control has the functionality to support multiple sites. Sites can be separate locations which can conduct business and hold stock. They can also be used as basic warehouses, including a transit location, when doing stock movements between sites. Even if you are not already using multiple sites, Khaos Control has a default Main Site. This is your main business location.

Site Setup

Sites are set up in [ System Data | Stock | Sites ], see How To: Create a Site.

The background of the site in the lower left Site panel can be colour-coded so a user can easily see the site they are currently logged into, see How To: Change the background colour according to the site currently displayed.


Users can be defined against a site in the [ System Data | Others | Users ] screen.

Changing the Current Site

The current site can be changed by selecting [ System Operations | Change Stock Control Site ] from the main menu.


Purchase Order Visibility

All Purchase Orders regardless of the site they were created in can be viewed in the Purchase Order List screen. The site where they were created at is displayed in the far right hand column. When creating a Delivery Note the system will book the stock into the site that is defined against the Purchase Order. If a Purchase Order is delivered to another site this can be changed on the Delivery Note by changing the site. Partial delivery can be booked into multiple sites using multiple Delivery Notes; e.g. PO Created in Site A for a hundred Golf Clubs can have 50 delivered to Site A and 50 to Site B. Consolidated invoices can be used if required.

Note: this will not initially work if Purchase invoice created from Purchase Order (or Delivery Note) option is ticked in the [ System Values | Accounts | General | Purchases ].

Site Delivery Address

The address for delivery can be set to the site address by ticking the Deliver To Site checkbox in the [ Purchase Order | Delivery Address ] sub tab.

Limit Purchase Order Value per Site

A limit on the monthly maximum purchase order value can be entered per site in [ System Data | Sites ]. Users can override the limit by entering an Admin Password ('Override Maximum Monthly Purchase Limit' setup in System Data).

Sales Orders

When a Sales Order is created, it will use the site that the user is currently logged into, although this can be changed in [ Sales Orders | Details | Additional | Additional Details | Site ] tab.

All Sales Orders, regardless of the site they were created in, can be viewed in the [ Sales Order | List ] screen. There is no way of seeing which site the Sales Order is defined against within the [ Sales Order | List ] screen, this is because they are tracked through Staged Processing in the Sales Invoice Manager.

Stock can be assigned to a sales order from a different site, see How To: Assign Stock from a Different Site and if required a password can be setup which the user must enter before assigning the stock.

Viewing Stock Levels in a Different Site

Stock levels for a stock item can be viewed in different sites by either:

Assigning Stock from a Different Site

Sales Orders can have stock added from a different site to the one the user is currently logged into by focusing on the stock item in the Sales Order grid and selecting [ Stock Assignment | Site Assignment ] from the context menu. The Stock/Site Selection dialog will allow the user to select the site that is to be used for assigning the stock. This allows a Sales Order to contain stock items from more than one site, for example when selling items from both the main site as well as from a site set up to sell items at an exhibition or show.

Users can be forced to enter a password when they assign stock from another site to a sales order. The password ('Assign Stock from different Site') is setup in [ System Data | Admin Passwords ].

Sales Invoice Manager

By default the Sales Invoice Manager will only display the orders that are to be processed at the site the user is logged into. This can be changed by selecting an alternative site using the Stock Site filter in the F4 filter button filter button (F4 button) in the [ Sales Invoice | Details | Staged Processing ] screen or viewing all orders for all sites by turning the Stock Site traffic light off (Red Traffic Light Filter /Green Traffic Light Filter traffic light filter).

Stock Control

Stock that populates the [ Stock | List ] screen displays only the stock level for the site the user is currently logged in. To view stock levels for a particular item in [ Stock | List ] screen, focus on the item and from the context menu select [ Other Actions | Show Other Sites... ] to display the Stock Site Levels For dialog. This shows the 'Order', 'Assigned' and 'Available' level for that particular stock item against every site setup on your system. Totals for all numerical columns are displayed at the bottom of the Stock Site Levels For dialog.

The Stock Site Parameters dialog allows user to update stock levels across multiple sites for green-selected items for the following options:

  • Reorder Period
  • Buffer Level
  • Reorder Point
  • Safe Level
  • Min Level

It is accessed from the context menu option [ Update Selected Stock Items | Site Stock Parameters ] in the [ Stock | List ]screen. The results for a stock item can be viewed using the BtnDefineForSiteSk.jpg in the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] screen.

Stock Details

In the [ Stock | Details | Properties ] tab the stock level information is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen for the site the user is currently logged into.

To see the stock levels for the stock item you are currently looking at, click on the BtnSkShowSitesX.jpg button on the bottom left button bar.


To view stock movements for the stock item currently selected go to [ Stock | Movements ] tab. Stock movements can only be displayed for one site at a time. To change the site select an alternative one from the Site drop-down list and click 'Go'.

Sales/Purchase Orders

The system will display all Sales and Purchase orders placed at all sites currently setup within the system in the [ Sales Orders | List ] tab and the [ Purchase Orders | List ] tab.

Sales Orders Assignments

The [ Stock | Sales Order Assignments ] tab displays Sales Orders for the site currently selected from the drop-down list. To see Sales Orders for all sites choose 'All' from the Site drop-down list.


In the [ Stock | Adjustment ] screen when the 'Adjust Type' is set to "Transfer" it will activate the 'Site To' drop-down list. The site selected from the drop-down list is the destination site for the adjustment. See How To: Assign Stock from Another Site .


  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Stock | Adjustment ] tab.
  3. Set the 'Adjust Type' to "Transfer".
  4. Set the 'Site To' to "Northern Warehouse".
  5. Click Open - bring in current stock item or group of items.
    Note: this can be either the currently loaded stock item or group of items using Stock Type.
  6. Enter the amount you want to transfer in the Adjust By cell
  7. Click Save - post all adjustments to stock control system to post the movement.
Note: the transfer number entered e.g. 10 or -10 when saved and posted will be a positive movement from the current site to the site chosen in the 'Site To' drop-down.

Reporting when using Sites

Stock Site

The [ Accounts | Stock Value | Site Stock ] screen displays the stock held in different sites along with sales per stock item for the site, see How To: View stock sales and levels across sites. When using sites this screen is a valuable tool for reporting on more than one site at the same time, viewing the stock holdings and sales during the specified date range and being able to compare them.

Sales Summary

When reporting in any area of Sales Summary the system will return data for all sites unless Site has been chosen and filtered on.

Note: Management Reports will only display figures for the site you are currently logged into.

Warehouse Control


When using Warehouse functionality the following are required when setting up the system:

  • An ARRIVALS warehouse or location for each site.
  • A CRETURN warehouse for each site.
  • Location codes must be unique across sites.


The system will not assign a picking location from another site if the current site doesn't have enough stock. Users can either:

  1. Manually assign stock from another site in the Picking stage of the Sales Invoice Manager, or
  2. Transfer the stock to the current site and then re-pick the sales order.

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