System Values - Companies - General


This screens has the general options that can be configured for companies.

System Values - Companies - General

  • Select contact/address on lookup:
    • : When creating a new sales order the Delivery address and the Contact for the sales order will be overridden by the record selected in the Company Lookup.
    •  (default): The default / first Delivery Address will be automatically selected as the delivery address.
      Note: This option overrides the 'Invoice address as default' option available in the [ System Values | Sales | Order Display ] area. So using this option will still use the delivery address if that is selected from the company lookup when creating a new order.
  • Restrict Blank Addresses:
    •  (default): At least one address field must be entered when adding additional addresses to a company record or sales order. The System will not allow the saving of an address if all the fields (address, town, postcode, etc.) are blank.
    •  Unticked: The system will allow the creation of additional addresses without the population of any address fields.
      Notes and Caveats: The minimum requirement for all NEW company records is;
  1. Surname
  2. Address line 1
  3. Town
  4. Postcode of the initial contact

This option does not affect this functionality.

  • Override Pricelist Currency on Assignment:
    •  (default): If the pricelist currency does not match the company currency, a confirmation dialog will appear to allow the user to proceed.
    • : If the pricelist currency does not match the company currency, the user will be prevented from proceeding.
      Notes and Caveats: GBP customers can only be assigned GBP pricelists regardless of this option.
  • Insert spaces into postcode searches (default=ticked):
    •  (default): When entering a new address the system will automatically place spaces into the postcode.
    • : When entering a new address the format entered by the user will be retained.
      Note: be consistent! if you start with a certain layout i.e. With Spaces (BtnTriStYesXP.jpg Ticked) you must keep it that way as otherwise you will not be able to search correctly. For example, if you have an address with the postcode NE7 7EQ and this option is turned off BtnTriStNoXP.jpg Unticked), entering NE77EQ will return no results.
  • Structured New Contact Title:
    • : The new customer/supplier dialog will limit the user to selecting the titles pre-configured in [ System Data | Company | Contact Title ].
    •  (default): The titles in the new customer/supplier dialog are free text.

Note: new systems are normally supplied with (default) values shown above.

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