The Number Store

The Number Store

The Number Store allows users to store numbers and compare them.

Why use the Number Store?

Users can store numbers across screens in Khaos Control and compare them, for example in the [ Sales Summary | Best Sellers ] screen the value of sales orders can be added on a monthly basis and the values compared.

How do you find the Number Store?

Either double-click on the total at the bottom of a grid or right-click on the total and select Number Store from the options. This will load the Number Store dialog.

The Number Store dialog



  • Read Only Grid: if BtnTriStYesXP.jpg unticked then the user can edit the description field in the grid, for example adding a meaningful description as per the image above.
  • Number Store calculate button: used to refresh the information in the grid if any changes have been made.
  • Number Buffer: the number that is going to be added into the grid. This can either be added manually by entering it in this field or if the user double-clicks on a column total then the total from the column total will appear here.
  • Add New Item button: add the amount held in the Number Buffer into the grid.
  • Delete Item button: delete the line by focussing on the line and clicking on the Delete Item button button.
  • Grid Total (to copy): is read-only and the total of the Number column or all green selected rows. If the user right-clicks the following options are available:
    • Undo: disabled.
    • Cut: disabled.
    • Copy: copies selected contents of the field to the clipboard or the user can press Ctrl+C.
    • Paste: disabled.
    • Delete: disabled.
    • Select All: selects the entire field contents.
    • Right to left Reading order: toggles right and left justifying the field.
    • Show Unicode control characters: no effect.
    • Insert Unicode control character (sub-menus): no effect.

The Number Store grid

The column headings in the Number Store grid are:

  • Description: a more meaningful description for the line can be entered if the user un-ticks the Read Only Grid checkbox.
  • Number: the number entered from the Number Buffer.
  • Difference (-): the difference between the number on one line and the number in the line above.
  • Difference (+): the sum of the number on one line and the number in the line above.
  • Change %: the percentage difference between the number on one line and the number in the line above.

Grid total options

If the user right-clicks in the grid total the options available besides the Number Store are:

  • Set Decimal Places: allows the user to change the number of decimal places.
  • Show Totals: totals the amounts in the column.
  • Show Averages: averages the amounts in the column.
  • Toggle Totals On/Off: turns the totals display on and off.
  • Number Store: no effect.

How to use the Number Store?

Adding numbers to the Number Store grid

Numbers can be added to the Number Store either by entering the number in the Number Buffer and then clicking on the Add New Item button icon or when double-clicking on a total to open the Number Store the number is in the Number buffer and the user can click on the Add New Item button button to add it to the grid.

Can the information in the Number Store be saved?

When the user exits Khaos Control the numbers in the Number Store are lost. They can be saved using the Grid Menu options of Send to Notepad or Print Grid.

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