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Will cascade all open child windows. Cascade means that windows are equally sized and positioned so that the title bar of each window is visible. Caution should be taken when using cascade because the system will save the position of a form when closed, regardless of whether or not it is in a cascade position.

Minimise All

Short-Cut Keys = Ctrl + M

Minimises all open windows (except the command window) to the bottom of the Khaos Control main screen.

Restore All

Short-Cut Keys = Ctrl + R

Brings all minimised windows back to their original size and position before they were minimised.

Fit All

Sizes all currently open forms into the available space on the Khaos Control main screen, taking into account the command window's position and size.

Open Window List

The currently open windows are added and displayed on the window list as they are opened. Focus can be given to a child window by selecting from this window list. Alternatively, double-click on the command window's form list.

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