Manage Filters Dialog

The Manage Filters dialog displays all saved filters for all users, relevant to the screen you have accessed the BtnFilterManagement.jpg 'Filter Management' button from.

Manage Filters Dialog

  • BtnDelItemOld.jpg Delete button: allows the focused on saved filter set to be deleted.
    Note: Admin Permission is required to delete another user's saved filter set.


  • There can only be one set of default filters in each screen. Attempting to set multiple defaults will cause the last one set as the default to be default.
  • It is possible to have none of the filter sets set as the default. In that case the normal set of filters for that screen will apply.
  • It is not currently possible to save a set of filters for the stock lookup.
  • A saved filter set in the Stock List which has the UDA filters not set, will not clear the filters if any were applied before the filter set is applied.

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