Courier Options Dialog - DHL

DHL integration is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

The Courier Options dialog allows the user to configure attributes for different couriers, the options will be different for each courier. You can copy the details from an existing courier to another similar one.

To load the Courier Options dialog, open [ System Data | Couriers ] screen, focus on the courier, right-click and select Configure from the context menu. For each option there is an explanation about what is does.

Nominal Weights can only be used on Boxes (at present). Nominal weights should be in base Khaos Control weight and will be modified by the weight scaling. The system will use:

  1. Actual Weight
  2. The consignment weight (items postage or average weight.)
  3. Nominal Weight

DDP Indicator Set this filed to DDP to trigger various DDP fields to be exported.
Duties - Billing Account Exported to DHL as the Billing Account duties field.
Duties - Payer Exported to DHL as the payer of Duties ID.
Duties - VAT Payer Exported to DHL as the Payer of VAT ID.
Input Path This is the folder that consignment references are imported from. It may be the same as the export path, or a different location depending on how your courier software is configured.
Local Product Code The product code to send to DHL.
Number of Services The number of services sent to DHL as Field 33 in the output file.
Service Category Sent to DHL as Field 35 in the output file.
Service Code Sent to DHL as Field 34 in the output file.
Shipper account No The Shipper Account number to send to DHL
Shipper Country Export to DHL as the shipper (source) country name.
Shipper Country Code Export to DHL as the shipper (source) country (two letter) code.
Shipper ID The shipper ID to send to DHL

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