Courier Options Dialog - APC Overnight V3

APC Overnight V3 is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

The Courier Options dialog allows the user to configure attributes for different couriers, the options will be different for each courier. You can copy the details from an existing courier to another similar one.

To load the Courier Options dialog, open [ System Data | Couriers ] screen, focus on the courier, right-click and select Configure from the context menu. For each option there is an explanation about what is does.


  1. Nominal Weights can only be used on Boxes (at present). Nominal weights should be in base Khaos Control weight and will be modified by the weight scaling. The system will use:
    1. Actual Weight
    2. The consignment weight (items postage or average weight.)
    3. Nominal Weight
  2. This will not support harmonisation codes so this will mean no support for international orders.
  3. This will not cover integrated labels, though separate label printing will be fine.

See How To: Use APC Overnight V3 courier in the Sales Invoice Manager

Field Name Description Example Value
APC Account NumberAccount number provided by APC for API usage.ABC0001
APC Account EmailEmail account used to log in to the APC
APC Account PasswordPassword used to log in to the APC API.
APC Product CodeCode that specifies the shipping service to use. If this field is blank, the hypaship rules set up against your APC account will be used to determine the shipping service.APCND12
Ready At TimeThe time at which parcels will be ready for collection. In 24-hour format. *14:30
Closed At TimeThe time at which the business closes, i.e. the cut-off time for parcels to be collected. In 24-hour format. *17:15
Collection Company NameThe name of your company.The Best Company
Collection Address Line 1The first line of the collection address.1 Test Road
Collection Address Line 2The second line of the collection address.Industrial Estate
Collection Address PostcodeThe postcode of the collection address.TE57 1NG
Collection Address CityThe city or town name of the collection address.Testsville
Collection Address CountyThe county of the collection address.Angleshire
Collection Address Country CodeThe 2-digit ISO 1-3166 country code of the country of the collection address.GB
Collection Address Country NameThe name of the country of the collection address.United Kingdom
Collection Address Contact NameThe name of the contact for the collection address.Bob Wehrhaus
Collection Address Phone NumberPhone number for the collection address.01234 567890
Collection Address EmailThe email address for the collection
Goods FragileInform APC that the goods are fragile.?
Goods Require SecurityInform APC that the goods require security.?
Parcel HeightThe Height of the parcel in cm. If the shipment is packed into boxes using the Pack Boxes button, the box dimensions will be used instead.25
Parcel WidthThe Width of the parcel in cm. If the shipment is packed into boxes using the Pack Boxes button, the box dimensions will be used instead.33
Parcel LengthThe Length of the parcel in cm. If the shipment is packed into boxes using the Pack Boxes button, the box dimensions will be used instead.31
Testing ModeContact the APC test system? (If unticked, the live system will be contacted.)?
Label FormatWhat file format should labels be returned in?PNG (this actually returns .JPG files.)


Label FolderSpecifies which folder Khaos Control will save labels to.K:\KeystoneSoftware\Courier\APC
Weight ScaleThis is a multiplier that will be applied to the weight before it is exported. APC expect weights in Kg.1

0.001 (to convert from g to Kg)
0.45356 (to convert from lb to Kg)

Nominal WeightIf a box in the Pack Boxes dialog would have a weight of 0, use this value instead. This value is multiplied by the Weight Scale.
Dimension ScaleThe multiplier that will be applied to the dimensions of a box before they are exported.

APC expect dimensions in cm.


100 (to convert from m to cm)
2.54 (to convert from inches to cm)

Requires Consignment RefIf ticked, the invoice will be prevented from moving past the Shipping stage in the Sales Invoice Manager unless the invoice or all boxes have a consignment reference.?
Printer NameThe printer name as it is in Windows to send the label file to.\\server\Manufacturer MDL2345
Raw Dump to TableTicked, request data will be logged to a database table for review by the support team.
Note ChoiceChoose which note type to feed through to the courier. The options are as follows:
  • Hierarchy: when selected, Khaos Control will look through each of the notes and use the first one that it finds where data is present. The order that is followed is:
    • Courier Note > Invoice Note > Picking Note.
    • If no valid data is found in any of the note sections, then it will revert to "No Note". This option will display "No Special Instructions" as the exported instructions.
  • Courier Note: when selected the system will export data from the Courier Note section in the [ Sales Orders | Addresses ] screen.
  • Invoice Note: when selected the system will export data from the Invoice Note section in the [ Sales Order | Notes ] screen.
  • Picking Note: when selected the system will export data from the Delivery Note / Picking List Note section in the [ Sales Order | Notes ] screen.
  • No Note: when selected the system will not use any of the above fields and will export "No Special Instructions" in the exported courier data.

* The Ready At Time and Closed At Time should not be set to the same value. If the window of time between these two values does not cover a sufficient time frame for APC to collect parcels, you may get an error when using Assign to Courier:

No Invoices were exported.

If you check the Shipping Error column in the Confirm Shipment dialog, it would have:

SOrder {Ordernumber} failed to be assigned to courier due to an error: 105 CREATION FAILED.

System Values Setup

There are also System Values which affect the operation of the APC Neo integration. These are in [ System Values | Couriers | General ].

The options are:

Option Name Usage
Print commandThe command (as per Windows Command Prompt) to use for PDF files if a PDF label is returned. Use "%s%" to represent the name of the label file.
Convert PDF filesConvert PDF files into PNG file format if ticked.
Save converted PNGsSave PNG files into the label folder after they were converted from PDF files. See Notes/Caveats in Usage section.
Use per - user printer mappings for courier export Courier / Shippping - Courier Printer Mapping ] settings to allow different users to print to different printers. Useful if multiple different printers with different names in Windows are in use.


  1. The Convert PDF files option works with the Printer Name against the right click > Configure... options and will send the PNG label file to that printer if the Printer Name is set. Normally, if this is in use, the Print command option does not need to be set.
  2. Note that these options are not specific to APC Neo and may affect other courier integrations. Where this is the case, these options will be explicitly mentioned in the documentation for those couriers. (This is only relevant to the newer courier integrations referred to as 'Courier Neo' couriers.)

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