How To: Setup Automatic Email Addresses for Document Types

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Users can decide which specific email address to send PDF reports to by recording an email address against a particular document type. Multiple email addresses can be set up using this method enabling Khaos Control to send the document to multiple email addresses.

The only documents this is enabled for are:

  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Delivery Note
  • Statement
  • Payment Remittance
  • Purchase Order

Note: if more than one e-mail address is set against the 'Document Type' then when documents are sent from print previews (E-mail this doc option), Khaos Control will send the document to the multiple e-mail addresses rather than be limited to one e-mail per document. This only applies to when the user manually sends e-mails from the print preview of a report and not automatically from the Email Manager.

To add an email contact preference address

  1. Open either a Customer (show me how) or a Supplier screen (show me how).
  2. Load the required customer or supplier record.
  3. In the Options area of the [ Customer | General ] tab, click on the the turnover button to toggle between the basic Options panel and the Additional Options panel.
  4. Press the the "Set Email Addresses" button button to open the Company Email Addresses dialog.
  5. Click the NEW ITEM button has an icon that shows two sheets of paper (identified by having the top right corner folded down), arranged diagonally on the icon from top left to bottom right   or press F3 to add a new item.
  6. In the Document Type column use the F4 key to select the document type from the list (e.g. "Sales Invoice").
  7. Enter the email address in the 'Email Address' column.
  8. Ensure the 'Always Print' checkbox is NOT ticked if you wish to send this document type by email.
    Note: ticking this checkbox stops the affected invoice from being emailed. The invoice can be printed once the Report print non-emailable button. button in the report is used by the user at the end of the process.
  9. Repeat the previous step for any other document types you wish to specify email addresses for.
  10. Press the OK button to confirm (or press Esc to cancel).


  • The setup for this is separate to the existing email addresses held against the address tab in the customer / supplier screen.
  • If any of the above values are not defined against a Company, then the system will use the standard rules to decide which email address to send the document to.
  • If the Always Print document option is ticked against the Sales Invoice this is ignored by the Email Manager.

Data Query

The following data query lists all customers/suppliers that have document-related email addresses:

SELECT co.company_code, co.company_name
     , CASE co.supplier
          WHEN 0 THEN 'Customer'
          WHEN -1 THEN 'Supplier'
          ELSE 'Unknown'
       END AS cust_supp
     , ed.short_desc AS doc_type
     , em.email_address, em.always_print 
       FROM email_addresses AS em
INNER JOIN email_doctypes AS ed ON em.edoctype_id = ed.edoctype_id
INNER JOIN company AS co ON em.company_id = co.company_id
ORDER BY co.company_code
  List companies having document-related email addresses.

  This data query is provided as a teaching aid and is not
  covered by your support agreement.

  13-Oct-2010                                  Created (GKS)

Data Query is an Advanced User feature.

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