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This area is where you configure how you wish the system to assess delivery times for sales orders.

System Values - Sales - Delivery

  • Delivery date (release early) (default=2): this field shows the number of days before an invoice's delivery date that it will be moved out of Awaiting Date and into the normal sales invoice stages, e.g. 3 would mean that an invoice would be moved out of Awaiting Date into Released 3 days before the delivery date.
  • Part ship period (default=999): this is the number of days an invoice will stay in Awaiting Stock until it is released for processing as a part-shipment.
  • Delivery date (put in Awaiting Date) (default=7): this controls when an invoice goes into Awaiting Date. For example if the value was 7 then invoices will not go into Awaiting Date if they have a delivery date within the next week, however, they would if the delivery date was after the next 7 days. The calculation compares delivery date >= today + this value.
    Notes and caveats:
    1. Care must be taken that this does not conflict with any invoice rules that have been set up on your system.
    2. This option works with Delivery Date (Release Early) so that you can move orders out of Awaiting Date ready to process.
  • Delivery date (add to default) (default=0): this field adds the additional days to the default delivery date, which is usually the order date plus 1. If you know delivery takes more than one day then you can increase this value for new orders.
  • Delivery date (cheque clearance) (default=7): when the payment method is selected as cheque, the system can change the delivery date of the order to allow time for the cheque to clear. Define the number of days you would like to allow for cheque clearance in this field.
  • Order cutoff time (default=00:00): normally orders default for delivery tomorrow (plus any additional options/periods); orders placed before this time default to delivery for today.
  • Allow Saturday delivery dates (default=unticked):
    • a tri-state checkbox, set to the "on" setting.: Sales order Delivery Dates will be Monday to Saturday barring any Bank Holidays setup on the system.
    • a tri-state checkbox, set to the "off" setting: Sales order Delivery Dates will be Monday to Friday barring any Bank Holidays setup on the system.
    Note: normally orders placed on the system on a Friday will be marked for delivery on the next working day, normally Monday, this option allows for the delivery on a Saturday instead. However, if the Saturday is marked as a NWD in [ System Data | Others | Non-Working Days ] the delivery date will be the next working day.
  • Default New Couriers to Re-assess Invoices (default=unticked):
  • Delivery Price is Net (default=unticked): the Delivery amount on the [ Sales Order | Main ] screen can be configured to display either Net or Gross prices.
    • a tri-state checkbox, set to the "on" setting.: The Delivery Price is treated as net.
    • a tri-state checkbox, set to the "off" setting: The Delivery price is treated as gross.

Note: tax will be paid on a order, depending on the Customer’s settings, including whether the Customer is overseas, if the [ System Data |  Countries ] pays tax. This Tax amount will still be appropriated, regardless of the "Delivery Price is Net". What will change is whether the User entered value is treated as gross or net, for example:

System Value
Customer Pays Tax
User Enters
Total Delivery Value
Delivery Tax
 green tick   green tick  £1.00 £1.20 £0.20
 green tick  UNTICKED £2.00 £2.00 £0.00
UNTICKED  green tick  £2.40 £2.40 £0.40
UNTICKED UNTICKED £2.00 £2.00 £0.00


  1. New systems are normally supplied with (default) values shown.
  2. The system values dialog is created dynamically every time a new update is compiled. meaning some entries may not appear in the same order as they are listed above.
  3. Delivery date is the date the order is due to be shipped to the customer.

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