Accounts Debt Chasing

Khaos Control has inbuilt functionality to allow users to manage the customers that owe money to them. Each customer can have a debt stage marked against them. To set up stages for debt chasing see How To: Setup Debt Chasing. For each action the user can specify which action is next and the period of time that passes before the customer is moved onto the next stage. Customers can be moved onto the next stage either manually or automatically.

Changing Debt Stages

Manually altering debt stages

To manually move a customer onto a different debt stage, see How To: Manually Change the Debt Stage. This can be carried out either via the Debt Stage drop down in the [ Customer | Detail | Financial ] screen or using the Change Debt Stage option from the context menu in the [ Accounts | Debt Management | Debtors/Creditors ] screen.

Automatically Moving Customers Between Debt Stages

Customers can be moved en masse to the next appropriate debt stage where applicable i.e. the time period defined in System Data has passed and they have not cleared their debt. This is carried out using the the lower the green opening folder icon is normally linked to the opening of a dialog box that allows the user to browse and select a value or range of values button in the [ Customer | Detail | Financial ] screen which opens the Debt Chase Stages Dialog, see automatically moving customers between debt stages.

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