Customer Debt Dialog

The Customer Debt dialog displays the current customer debt broken down into periods (weekly or monthly), in a similar format to the debtors and creditors section of the accounts screen. It is opened from:


The popup consists of the upper filters, the upper amounts due grid and the lower drill down grid.


  • Months: view the amounts grid by monthly periods.
  • Weeks: view the amounts grid by weekly periods.
  • 6 Periods: the periods are broken down into 6 weeks or months.
  • 12 Periods: the periods are broken down into 12 weeks or months.

Upper Amounts Due Grid

  • Total: the total amount that the customer owes.
  • Unalloc: amount of currently unallocated payments and/or credits on the customer's account.
  • Owed: the total amount owed by the customer i.e.the total minus any unallocated amounts.
  • Amounts Due:
    • Current: any amount due in the current period.
      Note: this depends on the Terms set against the customer in their [ Customer | Detail | Financial ] screen.
    • Period 1 to 6+ or 12+: the periods broken down by weeks or months and the number of periods selected, either 6 or 12.
  • Disputed: any amount marked as disputed in the customer's [ Customer | Detail | Statement ] screen.

Note: double-clicking on the amounts in this grid will show a breakdown of the invoices that make up the debt amount in the lower debt drill down grid. The user can double click on any line (Sales Order) in the Debt Drill Down section to open it.

Lower Drill Down Grid

  • Invoice Code: the sales invoice code.
  • SOrder Code: the sale order code.
  • Invoice Date: the date the invoice was printed.
  • Days: the number of days between the invoice date of the invoice and the last day of last month.
  • Period: the number of Days divided by 30 to give an approximate number of months between the invoice date and end of the last month.
  • Invoice Amount: the total amount on the invoice.
  • Allocated: any amount, payment or credit note, that is currently allocated to the invoice.
  • Outstanding: the total amount outstanding from the sales invoice.

Note: this grid is only populated by double-clicking on an amount in the upper Amounts Due grid or by double-clicking on an owed amount in the [ Accounts | Debt Management | Debtors / Creditors ] screen.

Lower Drill Down Grid Context Menu

  • Goto Sales Order...: opens the sales order for the line currently focused on.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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