Add To Call List Dialog

The Add to Call List popup allows users to add a customer to a call list. Information added using this popup updates the following screens:

The Add to Call List popup is found from the Add to Call List... option in the context menu in the following areas:


  • User: the user the call list is for.
  • Keycode: adds the selected keycode to the customer's Key Codes grid.
  • Specific Date: the specific date the call is for.
  • DOW: day of week to call, for example 1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday etc.
  • DOM: day of month to call.
  • Alt User: alternate user the call list will be assigned to if the user is marked as unavailable in [ System Data | Others | Users ].
  • Note: free text field allowing the user to enter a call list note that will be displayed in the Repeat Orders Call List Setup grid.

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