Basic Reports - Printing Multiple Copies

Report Builder Designer is an Advanced User feature.

Basic Reports - Printing Multiple Copies

To print multiple copies of each report (e.g. to always print an additional hard copy of each sales invoice that can be filed locally):

  1. To Open the Report Builder:
    1. For Letters go to [ Customer | List ] Context Menu - Custom Reports - Report Designer .
    2. For Basic Reports to go [ System Operations | Basic Report Setup ]
  2. Select the report from the list.
  3. Click on the Basic Report Design button button.
  4. Go to the main screen's menu [ File | Page Setup | Printer tab ].
  5. Set copies as required (e.g. Copies = 2).
  6. Ensure the "Collate" checkbox is unticked (i.e. off).
    Basic Reports - Printing Multiple Copies
  7. Press OK to close the dialog.
  8. Save the report.
  9. Close Report Builder.
If doing this, you may wish to print onto interleaved stationery, where a coloured sheet has been inserted between each white sheet (e.g. white-yellow, white-yellow, etc.) using Xerox NCR Paper Digital Laser Carbonless 250 Sheets 2-Part White and Yellow or similar.

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