Cancel issued credit note

WARNING: It is not possible to un-issue a credit note.

Change your processes

Credit Notes issued in error are often the result of Returns so you may like to review your return processes for example:

  • Have a cooling off period between creating the return and actually processing it, so if the customer wishes to change their mind then it is easier to rectify.
  • Ensure that the customer is happy to proceed with the return.
  • Double check that the return is correct before processing it.
  • Before issuing the Credit Note double-check that it is correct.

Possible Options

Option One

If the Credit Note is the result of a return and exchange then:

  1. Issue the Exchange.
  2. Create a Return based on the Exchange but don't issue the credit note.

Option Two

  1. Create an SP Ledger invoice against the customer.
  2. Use the Credit Note in the Customer's Statement tab to allocate to the invoice as a payment.
    Note: this will leave the Credit Note and mock invoice on the customer's record.

If you are unsure of how to proceed please email Support

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