Customer Other Overrider Discounts Tab

The overrider discounts screen allows the user to view invoices that have overrider discounts associated with them (specified as part of their financial information in the [ Customer | Detail | Financial ] tab). Overrider discounts are normally based on sales volumes and are paid retrospectively to the customer, see How To: Pay a customer's overrider discount.

Overrider Discounts Grid

  • SO Code: the sales order number that has an overrider discount applied to it.
  • Customer Name: the customer the sales order is for.
  • Invoice #: the invoice number for the sales order.
  • Issue Date: the date the sales invoice was issued in the [ Sales Invoice Manager ].
  • Ord Total: the total order value including the delivery charge.
  • Overrider: the monetary value of the overrider discount.
  • Allocated: the amount allocated to the sales invoice in the [ Customer | Detail | Statement ] screen.
  • Paid Date: the date the credit note is created using the Credit selected overrider items option from the context menu.

Overrider Discounts Grid Context Menu

  • Goto Sales Order...: opens the associated Sales Order.
  • Goto Sales Invoice...: opens the [ Sales Invoice Manager ] for the selected invoice.
  • Credit selected overrider items...: creates a credit note for the selected lines.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).
  • Print: prints the overrider grid.

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