How To: Pay a customer's overrider discount

The amount of overrider discount a customer receives is setup in their [ Customer | Detail | Financial ] screen. When sales invoices are issued the amount of overrider discount is shown in their [ Customer | Detail | Other | Overrider Discounts ] screen. A credit note can be created so the customer can receive the discount they are entitled to.

  1. Open a Customer screen (show me how).
  2. Locate and load the customer.
  3. Open their [ Other | Overrider Discounts ] screen.
  4. Green-select the invoices that you wish to pay the discount for.
  5. Right-click and Select Credit selected overrider items... from the context menu.
  6. A credit note will be generated listing the invoices it covers with the taxable amounts.
    • Once the credit note is issued, will be available on the customer's account to allocate to invoices or to refund.
    • A non-stock controlled stock item with the stock code 'OVERRIDER' will need to be set up in advance in order for this functionality to work.

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