Handheld Terminals (HHT)

Handheld Terminals (HHT) is not enabled by default.
Training must be completed before using the Handheld Terminals (HHT) functionality.
Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

Handheld Terminals (HHT) work when using Warehouse Control to:

  1. Book in Stock against Purchase Orders that already exist in Khaos Control.
  2. Pick single orders to the point of marking them as Shipment Confirmed.
  3. Pick batches of orders to the point of marking them as Shipment Confirmed.
  4. Scan an item and view all of the locations and quantities in the warehouse for it.
  5. Scan a location and view all of the stock items currently associated with it.
  6. Move stock items between one location and another, either a defined quantity or all the items in the location.

The HHT functionality relies on being able to contact the Khaos Control database via the HHT web service over RF/Wireless network. So, before using HHT, several areas need configuring in Khaos Control.

Warehouse and HHT

When setting up and using the warehouse for HHT there are a couple of points to note:

  1. Any warehouses setup on the system, even if they are in different sites, must not have duplicate locations.
  2. The warehouse capacity level can be 0, which will prevent the system booking in errors with too many items for the location.
  3. Shelf labels can be scanned when booking in items or during packing.

Front Action Screen

Front HHT Action Screen

From the first screen the user is able to:

  • Picking: pick sales orders
  • Goods In: book goods into stock.
  • Scanning: scan an item to see where it is stored or scan a location to see what items are store in it.
  • Move Stock: move stock between locations.
  • Adjust Stock: adjust stock in and out of stock.
  • Build Stock: build stock items.

HHT Passwords

The HHT passwords are hardcoded into your system and can be changed in your live system; please email Support. They should be for the administrators only.

HHT Overview Dialog

The HHT Overview Dialog is opened from the context menu in the [ Sales Invoice Manager ] grid. This dialog shows the batch information for HHTs as well as KPIs.

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